Stephen W. Blievernicht, MD, FACS

Stephen W. Blievernicht, MD, FACS
The Phoenix Medical Center
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Fletcher, NC 28732
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Stephen W. Blievernicht, MD Prolotherapy doctor in Fletcher, North Carolina

Dr. Blievernicht was born in Indianapolis and reared in Atlanta. He received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Emory University and graduated with honors from Emory University School of Medicine where he was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the national honor society for medicine. He completed his General Surgery internship and residency at the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University where he was also a research fellow and was selected to be the American Cancer Society Surgical Fellow.

He is Board Certified in General Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (Retired). He served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, Heidelberg, Germany, where he was Chief of Surgery at Heidelberg Hospital. Following military service, he returned to the Medical College of Virginia where he was appointed Assistant Professor in the Division of Surgical Oncology.

For 17 years, Dr. Blievernicht practiced as a pioneering physician in Greensboro, North Carolina. His holistic approach to General Surgery included facilitating patient empowerment through education and communication, the integration of nutrition, guided imagery, music, and honoring the mind-body-spirit connection in the care of his patients. He pioneered several surgical procedures during his years in Greensboro and was the founder of the Moses H. Cone Tumor Board and the Cancer Committee which he chaired for 14 years. He served on the first Medical Advisory Board for Hospice at Greensboro and other community medical boards. He and his wife co-facilitated a weekly support group for persons with cancer. He has a strong interest in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology (the connection of the mind, emotions, and body) and has over 400 hours of education in Behavioral Medicine including clinical training with Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard University. He also founded and is president of The North Carolina Center for the Healing Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to the integration of individuals from a large spectrum of the healing professions in order to cross-educate and blend different perspectives in the field of healing. Upon moving to Asheville in 1997, he was on the staff of Great Smokies Medical Center for two years where his practice included Pain Care (Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy), Metabolic, Preventive, Anti-Aging and Environmental Medicine.

In 1999, Dr. Blievernicht opened his own practice, The Phoenix Medical Center in Asheville, with a focus on an integrative medical approach to Pain Care.

His comprehensive methods include Prolotherapy (also known as Sclerotherapy and Reconstructive Ligament and Joint Therapy).

In his practice he also utilizes Neural Therapy, Trigger Point Injections, Myofascial Release and Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, metabolic and nutritional support.

He incorporates his insights and understanding of the importance of honoring the mind-body connection along with the emotional and spiritual components of caring for individuals with pain. He has had extensive Prolotherapy training with Dr. William Faber of Milwaukee (author of Pain, Pain, Go Away), Dr. Thomas Ravin of Denver, Colorado, (author of Principles of Prolotherapy), Dr. Mark Cantieri of Mishawaka, Indiana, Dr. Ross Hauser, Oak Park, Illinois, (author of Prolo Your Pain Away), and many other leaders in this dynamic field through educational programs of the American Academy of Osteopathic Medicine and the American College of Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management. He has trained with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in the field of Neural Therapy and has completed training in Medical Acupuncture from the UCLA School of Medicine. He attends numerous continuing education courses annually to keep abreast of advances in Pain Care therapies. In addition to his education in the field of Pain Care, Dr. Blievernicht is able to closely empathize with patients who have suffered from a variety of chronic and acute pain syndromes and the impact on daily living activities. Having experienced Prolotherapy treatments to many areas of his body has enabled him to continue to lead a vibrant professional and personal life.