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Dr. Greenberg performs over 3500 procedures per year, has taught prolotherapy to physicians, residents, and at conferences, and has been featured numerous times in the national and local news on Prolotherapy. He has also been personally recommended by Dr. C Everett Koop as one of the best prolotherapy doctors in the country.

Scott R. Greenberg, MD is a practicing physician at the Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill, NJ. Dr. Greenberg dedicates the majority of his practice to prolotherapy for treatment of chronic pain problems. He has innovated unique treatment protocols for leg-length discrepancies, pelvic imbalances, headaches, and arthritis, and has vast experience in treatment of almost any joint in the body. He performs several thousand procedures each year and has trained and lectured to physicians both internationally and domestically in his procedures. The Surgeon General, numerous physicians, professional athletes and patients from around the world have sought treatment with Dr. Greenberg, recognizing his unparalleled expertise. Dr. Greenberg has been featured on various television news programs for his ability to cure patients with chronic pain. Dr. Greenberg is perhaps best known and most appreciated by patients for his empathy, understanding and the caring individualized treatment plan he creates for them.

Dr. Greenberg became interested in prolotherapy when traditional medicine could not solve his pain problems. Having been struck by a drunk driver at over 75 miles per hour, Dr. Greenberg suffered for years with headaches, back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain. After months of therapy, MRI testing, and consultations with both orthopedic surgeons and neurologists, there was no answer for his pain and no treatment to be offered other than narcotics – which he refused. It was not until Dr. Greenberg discovered prolotherapy that he was able to treat himself and cure his chronic pain. He now continues to enjoy activities such as biking, ocean kayaking, weightlifting, running, and hockey.

Scott Greenberg, MD is a graduate of the Hahnemann University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and achieved numerous academic and community service awards. Dr. Greenberg’s interest also lies in helping the body heal itself thru natural medicines, which he has detailed in his book Self Care Anywhere. To reach Dr. Greenberg, call his office at 856.424.8222.

Meniscus Tear/Arthritis of the Knee and Stem Cell Therapy

This is a case report of a 60 year old female who had longstanding pain in her left knee. She could not go up and down stairs without great difficulty, and had pain with walking more than just a few steps. She did have an MRI which showed a degenerative meniscus, meniscus tears, and arthritis. Her pain was severe, but she did not want a cortisone shot, and she absolutely did not want knee replacement.

She was evaluated by Scott Greenberg, MD at the Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill NJ. Dr. Greenberg reviewed her MRI, but also found evidence of joint laxity, and restricted range of motion. He also evaluated the patient’s mechanics and also found issues with the foot and hip which contributed to a limp.

The patient recieved prolotherapy to correct the hip and foot issues, which resulted in a more normal gait cycle. An adipose (fat) derived stem cell procedure was performed in the office, where the knee joint was treated with a combination of the patient’s own stem cells and also PRP (platelet rich plasma).

After a few weeks, the patient’s pain had significantly diminished, and she no longer felt her bones “rubbing together”. She described the feeling of a cushion was now in the knee, and could walk and climb stairs more normally.

Mark Simineau, Philadelphia Eagles Linebacker, a Prolotherapy patient of Scott Greenberg, MD

Scott Greenberg, MD & Mike Carey, Oakland Raiders Linebacker


Testimonials from Dr. Greenberg’s Patients!

I am writing to highly recommend the services of Dr. Greenberg. This is my story. I suffered from chronic pain due to an auto accident six years ago. I was diagnosed with injuries to my brachial plexus and low back. I followed the recommendation of my doctor and received conventional medical treatment. This involved many visits to the chiropractor, physical therapists, neurologists, pain management doctors, and other specialists. I had X-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans done. Numerous treatments were performed on me, including chiropractic adjustments, TENS unit, hot and cold therapy, cortisone shots, spinal blocks, and many others. I was put on all kinds of pain and anti-inflammatory medications. The result of all of this was very temporary relief from the pain if any at all.

I had read about prolotherapy on the internet and read up about Dr. Greenberg. I put off calling to schedule an appointment with Dr. Greenberg for many months because it was not covered by my medical insurance and I was unsure about its effectiveness. At last I made an appointment. Dr. Greenberg’s initial exam blew me away. Upon examination, he was able to diagnose what was wrong and said he believed he could cure the root cause of my pain. After my first prolotherapy injections, my pain was reduced by 80%! I have gone back for more prolotherapy injections from Dr. Greenberg, and now my pain is 90% less than it was when I first came to see Dr. Greenberg. To say that my life has been changed for the better is a huge understatement. I can hold my young children again, ages 7, 5, 3. I can run around with them on the playground. I can drive in my car without the terrible pain I used to have. I can empty the dishwasher, fold laundry, fix things around the house without all the pain that I used to have. In short, I am now mobile and free again. This has given me incredible hope for the future, when I thought all had been lost. My entire outlook on life has changed! I am doing things today and making plans for the future for things that I thought I might never do again in my life. The only thing I would do differently is not delay in calling Dr. Greenberg!

For anyone who suffers from pain, I highly recommend the services of Dr. Greenberg. He has helped cure the root cause of my pain and my life is so much better for it. Thank you Dr. Greenberg!!


Back Pain

I saw Dr. Scott Greenberg on TV one afternoon then I decided to give him a call. I made an appointment to see him. I went to see him. He gave me about twelve shots in my back. When I came home after a few days I noticed the pain has gotten less to bear. I make another appointment to see him. I had about four treatments and my back pain is gone. I can stand up now in my kitchen and fix a meal. Something I was unable to do for four years. Thanks to Dr. Greenberg. I owed my life to him. May God ever bless him and keep him. From now on he will be my doctor. If any one looking for a doctor to solve their pain, look no farther. Dr. Scott Greenberg is here. Thanks again Dr. I love you very much.

~ Vivienne L. Simmons

Dear Dr. Greenberg,

In June of 2000 I injured my back, and was in extreme pain for many weeks. I went to my family doctor, he said I had a sprain in my lumbar region. He gave me steroids and lots of pain medicine. I started going to physical therapy, and a chiropractor but the pain would not go away. An MRI was done, I was told I have disc herniation L 4-5, also degenerative disc disease. I then went to an Orthopedic, she told me I have a pinched nerve. It sends pain across my back into my right leg. She gave me more pain medicine. A friend of mine told me how Dr. Greenberg helped her foot become pain free after her operation. So I decided to try Dr. Greenberg. I started in Oct. with the prolotherapy treatments. After an amazing 3 visits I no longer had my lower back pain or the pain down my leg! I am a firm believer the prolotherapy works, and I am happy to be pain free. I continue to tell everyone how the Magaziner Center and Dr. Greenberg has helped my back to become Healthy once again! Thank you so much.

~ Dennis Fabin

Dear Dr. Greenberg,

I had been experiencing pain in my lower back across my buttock and down my left leg. The pain was so bad at times I would lose my balance. I fell as though I have a high tolorence for pain and I am not a big believer in medicines especially painkillers. I asked my Doctor to send me for an MRI. I hoped the answer would be there and it wasn’t. I was told it was not bad enough to operate on and I was glad because that was my last choice and was told it would go away as fast as it came on. The pain that is. I had been going through this for eight months and that was a little much for any pain, especially this type which was my back, my buttocks, my leg and my mental being. It was at this point I was recommended to see Dr. Greenberg, whom made me feel very comfortable at our first meeting. I felt confident with his confidence in what he was going to do to solve my problem. The first day after the first treatment I questioned myself as to why I did this and found out it was part of the program and each day. For the rest of the month the pain subsided and after three great treatments all pain was gone and some preventive measure was put in place. I feel great and thank you again Dr. Greenberg. I am now pain free.

~ Rundle V. Hallowell

Received a prolotherapy treatment from Dr. Greenberg. There was no subsequent discomfort from the treatment, and pain in the lower back was alleviated during the course of the next week. After the one treatment, I experienced a 70% reduction in pain.

~ Milton Shaw

Dear Dr. Greenberg,

I had been battling sciatica for about 2 years. I was going to a chiropractor for 1-1/2 years and every time I had an attack, he was able to help me, except for the last time. I have a herniated disc and scoliosis, and I’m told years of deterioration of tendons and ligaments…. I came for treatment soon after. I didn’t notice any improvement after the first treatment. I’ve had 5 treatments. But after each of the others, I could see some improvement. My pain decreased; then I had numbness; and then no pain at all in my leg. This is an amazing treatment. It worked for me. Does this sound like a commercial? Only I know how much pain I’ve endured.

~ Jean Giovine

Foot Pain

I was diagnosed with plantar fascitis by my podiatrist awhile back. I tried the methods he prescribed, but with no relief. I was in constant pain.During my visit with Dr. Greenberg, I told him about my plantar fascitis and how I was not able to walk for a long distance or time. Dr. Greenberg asked if I would like to try Prolotherapy, which is getting injections to the damaged heel with a high concentrate of dextrose. I took Dr. Greenberg’s advice and had the prolotherapy injections on two of my visits. The last injection worked the best. I can truly say that I do not have the pain and discomfort I was having for months. It really worked for me. I can walk without pain. Sometimes I forget about the pain I was having in the past.

Thank you Dr. Greenberg,
Janice Clark

Dear Dr. Greenberg,

You will be gratified to learn that the series of injections you gave me for my plantar fascitis have been very successful. After the first three or four, I reached a plateau, and did not see much further improvement. However, after the last shot in June, the change was miraculous! In August, we spent four days in Montreal, walking all day every day. I never had any pain whatsoever. Last week, we spent three days at the shore, and I took great pleasure in walking every morning along the boardwalk. For the last month, I have been back to my regular exercise, walking 3/4 hour three mornings a week. As you can see, I have much to thank you for.

In appreciation,
Harriett Herscher

Knee Pain

Dear Dr. Greenberg,

After limping and dragging my left leg for a couple of months due to a painful Torn Meniscus (diagnosed by MRI) of my left knee I had enough. I was experiencing difficulties going up an down the stairs to the point that my husband and I began to think about selling our two story house and purchasing a ranch house instead. Going down the stairs was the worst. I would take one step at a time, with the left leg leading, so as not to bend the knee for the pain would be excruciating. To stand after sitting for a while was very uncomfortable. At times it felt my knee would buckle under and I’d lose my balance. The orthopedic surgeon in my area recommended arthroscopic surgery. I wasn’t ready for it. My first consultation with you was a godsend. I tolerated the Prolotherapy treatment well. My knee felt better right after the treatment. The discomfort after the treatment was minimal. A second Prolotherapy treatment a month later, provided almost total relief. Six months later, my 62 year-old body feels like “new” again. I can walk well everywhere, dance and do my aerobic classes at the gym. I’d not hesitate to return to your able hands should my knees complain again. I want to thank you and your staff for your patience and care. I feel blessed I found you and grateful to prolotherapy.

~ Ofelia Rodriguez Goldstein

When I first came to see Dr. Greenberg, my knee had pain every time I took a step. Walking up or down steps was very painful. I depended on the railing to go up or down. Now after 3 treatments of Prolotherapy, I can walk up or down without holding on to the railing. Now I am pain free after a year of pain and limping. I’m 71 years old, but still like to walk around an archery course and target shoot. It is good to walk around without pain. I feel 110% better now after the prolo treatment. If anyone has pain like I had, this treatment is the one for you.

~ Horace Eckman

I was suffering with a knee problem for over a year and it was getting worse each day. During one of my visits to Dr. Greenberg he noticed I had great difficulty both bending my knee and trying to walk. Dr. Greenberg informed me of a new treatment that was available and had been successful with many of his patients. After an examination of my knee, he recommended the prolotherapy treatment. Now, sixty (60) days after three (3) injections later, my knee is 90% better. I am now able to walk, bend, drive and have a restful nights sleep and no longer have the severe pain I was experiencing over the past year.

~ Robert Townsend

During Feb 2000 I met with Dr. Greenberg for the first time. My original visit was in regards to my blood pressure. During the examination I was asked, by Dr. Greenberg, if I had any other problems. I answered that I had continuing pain the both knees (probably the result of athletic injuries). Dr. Greenberg asked me, “what if I could help with the knees without operating on them, or using cortisone or steroid shots?” My response, “that would be wonderful!” In April we started a series of prolotherapy injections. After four or five treatments my knees were so much better I could not believe it. All of the pain is gone from the right knee and practically all of the pain is gone from the left knee. I can walk up and down stairs with ease. Walking in general has improved and I am no longer worried about my knees buckling. My good fortune continues. I am so happy that I met Dr. Greenberg who has been in the forefront of prolotherapy practice.

~ Domenic Mucchetti

Dear Dr. Greenberg,

At age 14 I was struck by a car, damaging most of my ligaments and tendons in my right leg. I am 43 now and my right knee was getting horrific pain for the last 3 years as it increased over the years. The pain was so bad I couldn’t climb stairs using this leg, squat, jump or even touch my kneecap. The leg also gave out a few times a day while walking. Two orthopedic surgeons agreed, there wasn’t any treatment or surgery to repair ligaments and tendons in my case. They prescribed painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills and told me to stop playing basketball. Then I saw Dr. Greenberg on T.V. and made an appt. After 3 prolotherapy sessions, I am 100% pain free. The strength and movements in the repaired knee is the same as my other knee. People are surprised when they see me run upstairs, jump and squat. Thank you, Dr. Greenberg & Staff. In fact although I live 1-1/2 hours away I would visit them for any other medical problem I incur in the future. Regardless of the medical problem, I tell all my friends about it.

~ Robert Del Sardo

Dear Dr. Greenberg,

Since 1944 my right knee has been troublesome. After the removal of a piece of cartilage from the knee, I no longer had the support to sustain my weight for walking or climbing stairs. The orthopedic surgeons said nothing could be done to improve my condition, other than a surgically fitted knee brace. I opted for the stretch knee brace when the pain and inability to function normally required some temporary relief. Years later the knee deterioration worsened. The suggestion for a knee implant left me cold and unresponsive. My chelation treatments require a periodic check-up of my overall health. On a hot summer day, I got lucky! After checking my chart preliminary to examination, Dr. Greenberg saw the long scar on my right knee. “What’s that?” was the inquiry. Then, I recited what was mentioned in the foregoing portion of this letter. Dr. Greenberg advised that prolotherapy would help. By injecting medication into the knee, the subsequent irritation would cause the body to generate new tissue to reinforce the desperately stretched and torn ligaments, providing the needed support I required. After three treatments (administered three weeks apart), I felt improved response and strength in my right knee. This last visit to the medical center for the next treatment, I went up the stairs without hanging onto the bannister. I live in a two level townhouse. My usual ascending to the second floor necessitated hanging onto the bannister and pulling myself upl the stairs by arm power. No longer do I have to struggle to go up stairs! Thanks to prolotherapy and Dr. Greenberg I can function normally. Soon my treatments will end, and so will all the knee difficulty become history. May I recommend this treatment with out reservation to those who may require it.

~ Harry Fleitman

Sports Injuries

Several years ago I suffered sports injuries, one to my left knee which made my knee feel wobbly and tender if I put any stress on it, and the other injury to my right shoulder. The doctors at the hospital said I had strained all the ligaments in that shoulder. Due to that shoulder injury my range of motion was severely restricted and I had soreness whenever I exercised that arm or played golf. In addition, I developed tennis, and golf elbow in my right elbow and forearm area. Whenever I played sports, I would wear an ace bandage on my left knee and sometimes on my right elbow, and I would experience Soreness or stiffness afterward. After receiving just two to three prolotherapy treatments five or six weeks, I don’t need the ace bandages on my knee or elbow. My range of motion has improved greatly in my right shoulder, and I have no more soreness either during or after playing golf. I didn’t think I would achieve such success in such a short time and without surgery.

~ Harry Tronieri

In October of 99 I was playing in a hockey game for the Indy Ice in the (CHL) and I took a hard hit and slid into the boards and had chronic pains in my lower back for about a year. I visited with Dr. Greenberg and received treatments for about 7 weeks and my back is almost pain free and I am going to return to my hockey season. Thanks Doc.

~ Channing Burke