Prolotherapy and Diet

Ross Hauser, MDRoss Hauser, MD

We saw a 71 year old woman. She was a mother of five and has lived a very active life, living in a mountainous area where hiking, walking, gardening, and outdoor activities have been a daily part of her life.

She developed hip pain over the last few years to the point where her hip occasionally gave out on her, as well as caused her pain to the point where she had to lean on someone for support. The patient’s goals were these:

  1. Be able to walk without pain;
  2. Get back to gardening; and
  3. Lose some weight.

The patient went on to receive Prolotherapy to her hip and is now able to walk and garden as she wishes. However, she wanted to feel even better – she wanted more energy and wanted to lose some weight. She stated that having five children gradually added on the pounds over the years. But more recently, since her activity had declined due to the hip pain, she had gained an additional 15 pounds over the last six months.

The patient is 5’7” and weighed 232 lbs when she first came to see us. She had read about the Hauser Diet and was very interested in getting Diet Typing done, because she, like many of our patients, stated that she really didn’t know what to believe any more as far as what was considered healthy. She really liked the concept of the Hauser Diet plan being individualized for your particular physiology. She was anxious to find out what her Diet Type. So she planned to stay in the Chicago area another day so she could get testing done.

Her Diet Typing revealed that blood sugar levels at 0, 30, 60, and 90 minutes of 117, 142, 160, and 140 mg/dL respectively. Her venous blood pH level was 7.420. She was placed on the Hauser Monkey Diet because she was a slow oxidizer of food with a balanced blood pH. She was instructed that she needed to eat leaner protein sources, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, and some fruits. The Monkey Diet is a lower fat diet so she needed to cut back on some of the fats and meats she was used to eating. She drank almost no liquids during the day, so she was encouraged to start drinking more water every day as well.

After 6 weeks, she came back to report that not only was her hip feeling better, but she had already lost 8 pounds and was feeling much more energetic. She was ecstatic and really felt for the first time that she was on the right track. She told us that she thought she might never be able to lose the weight because of her age.

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