Mitchell Bloom, MD

Mitchell Bloom, MD
Affordable Regenerative Medicine
72 Apollo Drive
Rosedale, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: 09-390-5001

69 Aranui Road
Mapua, Nelson
New Zealand
Phone: 021-0251-8521


Mitchell J. Bloom, MD is a Musculoskeletal Medicine Specialist Medical Doctor in New Zealand. He offers Affordable Stem Cell Alternatives including Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and Neural Prolotherapy.

Dr. Bloom is one of the world’s most experienced Regenerative Medicine having trained with Dr. Gus Hemwall, one of its originators over 25 years ago and having treated thousands of patients.

He uses comprehensive, holistic, non-surgical, regenerative orthopaedic approaches for sports medicine, injuries, chronic pain including arthritis and low back pain, and neck pain to help reduce pain and stimulate the natural regeneration and repair process.

Using affordable stem cell alternatives, Dr. Bloom ensures that every patient is treated properly so that they return to the daily activities they love.

Dr. Bloom also specializes in treating physiological illnesses that have as their root repressed emotions sometimes resulting in cardiac disease, IBS, fibromyalgia, and rheumatological diseases.

He uses affordable stem cell options including Prolotherapy, PRP, and Peri-Neural Injection therapy (Neural Prolotherapy) for the physical aspects of pain.

If any residual pain remains, Dr. Bloom uses Hypnotherapy, sometimes combined with Acupuncture. This combination results in an excellent success rate.

About Dr. Bloom

Dr. Bloom completed his medical school training at the University of the State of New York and completed his residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Rochester. He is board-certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and in hypnosis and is a vocationally registered specialist with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

After his residency, Dr. Bloom was discouraged by the number of patients who did not improve despite his best efforts, so he immersed himself in Integrative and Regenerative Medicine.

He attended numerous specialized training courses in the U.S. and overseas to maximise his skills and devise an affordable approach to help the patients for whom all else has failed.

He left his position in conventional medicine to offer affordable treatments with high success rates. In the process, he found approaches that offer a greater than 85% success rate for painful musculoskeletal conditions according to published medical studies and his own experience.

Dr. Bloom found that although Prolotherapy is an affordable Regenerative Medicine treatment, he found it to be extremely effective. He found that getting to know his patients, listening to them – beyond their words, and understanding the root cause of their symptoms allows for the most targeted and effective approach.

His greatest feeling of accomplishment comes from helping his patients turn their lives around.