Knee Coronary Ligament Injury and How it Can Be Cured Successfully With Prolotherapy!

Joern Funck, MD

A very common knee problem, especially with sports men and women, is a lesion of the coronary ligament. Nevertheless, many doctors and even knee experts have never heard of this specific ligament and its problems. The coronary ligament runs from the meniscus to the tibial plateau edge (medial and lateral), on the inside and outside of the knee, and the symptoms can be very similar to a meniscus lesion or meniscus tear. (See Figure 1.) In this case, the doctor has to find the tender point right beneath the meniscus and secure his/her diagnosis with a test injection of anaesthetic. If the pain disappears the diagnosis is correct and Prolotherapy can be administered very successfully.

Figure 1. Illustration of knee showing the coronary ligament.

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