Howard Rosen, MD

Howard Rosen, MD
Central Coast Pain Institute
21A Mandeville Court
Monterey, CA 92648
Phone: 831.373.7246
Orange County Medical Group
1211 W. La Palma Avenue, Suite 709
Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone: 877.336.3638

Howard Rosen, M.D. Prolotherapy doctor in and near Anaheim and Monterey

Howard Rosen, M.D. is a board certified anesthesiologist and pain medicine. He went to medical school at New York Medical College and his residencies were at USC and UCLA. He has been the head of several pain practices including the practice of Alamitos Anesthesia, OC Medical Network as well as Central Coast Pain Institute. Dr. Rosen is a teaching physician on his annual medical missions to Honduras.

Board Certification/Certifications

  • American Board of Anesthesiology in Anesthesiology
  • American Board of Anesthesiology in Pain Medicine
  • License in California for Fluoroscopy
  • Qualified Medical Examiner in California

Dr. Rosen has traveled to San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia, Tampa, Orlando, Washington D.C., Palm Springs, and Chicago to learn the secrets of treating patients in pain. Eventually his quest would take him to LaCeiba, Honduras and Venice, Italy. Dr. Rosen was not only interested in learning and being treated with the traditional but also in the alternative methods of treatments. Patients who are treated by Dr. Rosen are usually offered either or both the conventional and alternatives methods. Dr. Rosen injured his neck severely in a car crash many years ago. It is prolotherapy which has helped him recover more than any other treatment that he tried.

Dr. Rosen has lectured to other physicians on various subjects ranging from epiduroscopy in Monterey, to electrical medicine in Denver, emergency treatment for patients in Honduras, to prolotherapy in Salinas. Dr. Rosen will be conducting as well as teaching a spinal intervention fluoroscopy course in November 2007. He is also raising money by producing a video on the Honduras medical mission.

NEW: Minimally Invasive Prolotherapy

A doctor in New Zealand has introduced a Prolotherapy technique with very small needles introduced just under the skin. He reported great success rates in his patients while teaching this new technique. Dr. Rosen was not only trained in this technique but was treated with this technique by this physician. The results of just one session brought Dr. Rosen tremendous pain relief and the treatment was no more uncomfortable than an acupuncture session. Results will vary from patient to patient but this is very exciting. Dr. Rosen will now be introducing this technique in both of his practices.

Medical School

  • New York Medical College


  • USC-LAC internal Medicine


  • UCLA-Anesthesiology

Private Practice

  • Director of Pain Management at Alamitos Medical Center 1986-2001
  • Founder and head of Central Coast Pain Institute 2001-present
  • Physician head of OC Medical Network 2002-present
  • Medical founder and pain physician for RELIEF program at the Central Coast-a multi-disciplinary program

Volunteer Work

  • Annual Mission to Honduras 2002
  • Clinical Instructor Prolotherapy 2003-present
  • Videographer Hackett-Hemwall Foundation
  • Founder of the fund “Wheelchairs for Hondurans”
  • Founder and in charge of the program “Beginning Fluoroscopic Spinal Interventions for the Advanced”

Prolotherapy training

  • American Osteopathic Association-2001
  • Hackett-Hemwall-2002 to present
  • American Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine 2001 and 2002
  • AAOM-2002, 2003, 2005. 2007

Lectures given

  • Epiduroscopy – Monterey, California
  • Prolotherapy – Salinas California
  • Alpha-stimulation – Denver, California
  • Speaker for Alpharma, Endo, Ultracet, and Alpha-stim

Book in progress

  • “My Search for Pain Relief-For Myself and My Patients”

Video in progress

  • “Why prolotherapy is not more widely known”


  • American Society of Interventional Physicians
  • Hackett Hemwall Foundation
  • American Association of Orthopedic Medicine

U.S. Patents

  • Prick resistant needle
  • Clip-Pin