Heidi Robertson

Heidi Robertson
1555 Victoria Rd S
Lilydale MINNESOTA 55118
Phone:: 6514932273

Email: innovainstitute2015@gmail.com

Website(s):: drheidirobertson.com

Degree(s):: BSC Biology, Canadian University College, 1998 Medical Degree, Loma Linda Medical University 2002

Board Certifications:: Anesthesiology, 2008, Arizona

Membership in Professional Societies:: AAOM 2014-Current

My affinity for prolotherapy started in 2012 when I researched the different treatments available for knee joint degeneration as my brother was in need of help. My search landed me at the Hackett Hemwall Foundation. After attending the annual HHF conference in Madison, WI I was excited to continue in learning the technique of prolotherapy to help people in a way that is not just putting a band-aid on the problem but actually fixing peoples pathology behind the pain. I trained at various workshops over a period of three years and eventually opened up my own private clinic in 2015. I continue weekly to treat patients pain by getting to the root of the problem and help fixing it. I absolutely love what I do.

Training in Prolotherapy:: HHF Prolotherapy workshop 2013 Honduras 2 weeks, Dr.Mark Wheaten Prolotherapy Training 2013 Minnesota 5 days, Dr. Kochan prolotherapy observation 2013 California 2 days, HHF Prolotherapy Workshop 2014 Honduras 1 week, AAOM Prolotherapy workshop 2014 Peru 1 week, HHF Prolotherapy Worshop 2015 Honduras 1 week

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