Brad Fullerton, MD

Brad Fullerton, MD
2714 Bee Caves Road, Suite 106
Austin, Texas 78746
Phone: 512.347.7246
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Dr. Brad Fullerton Prolotherapy doctor in Austin Texas

As a board certified physical, medicine and rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Brad Fullerton’s practice focuses on patients with musculoskeletal pain related to sports injuries, arthritis and accidents. He has specialized training in musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging and regenerative injection therapy (Prolotherapy) and is doing ongoing research in this area to objectively evaluate tissue healing.

Dr. Fullerton has presented his research findings at the American Academy of PMR., University of Wisconsin, American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, Texas Medical Association, University of Pittsburgh, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Institute of Health. Dr. Fullerton is the current director of the Spasticity Clinic at Dell Children’s Medical Center and is current president of the Texas PMR Society. He also trains physicians in his office on prolotherapy.

Healing is a natural process. As a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, my effort is to restore maximum health rather than just combat a disease. At ProloAustin, we emphasize my desire to help patients leverage my medical knowledge to reach their health goals.

Care Philosophy

What can you expect?

  • A health partner who really listens to you, someone who takes the time to discover what’s been happening in your body and what your greatest intentions for your health are;
  • A health partner who’s always learning and open to new ideas;
  • A health partner who’s comfortable with the unknown and readily adapts to the inevitable shifts of health and illness;
  • A health partner who helps you achieve your own goals in mobility, pain relief, and wellness;
  • A health partner who can help you cut through the clutter and complexity of the medical world and choose the path to health most appropriate for you.

My ideal patients are those who are willing to take responsibility for their health, those who are committed to living pain-free with maximum mobility/freedom.