Bilateral Elbow Tendonitis and Rotator Cuff Injury

Ross Hauser, MDRoss Hauser, MD

Weight lifter cured of shoulder and elbow pain with 1 PRP & Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy treatment

YD was a 35-year-old avid weight lifter who ceased this activity due to injury. He began to notice pain in both elbows nine months prior to his first visit to Caring Medical. As he lifted weights he felt sharp pain and later experienced throbbing at night. Shortly after the sharp pain occurred he stopped weight lifting and went to see his doctor. He had an MRI and was diagnosed with chronic tendonitis. In addition to his elbow pain he also had pain in his right shoulder that had been diagnosed as a rotator cuff injury. He tried physical therapy for his shoulder with no results. As his pain worsened, he lost range of motion. Eventually he was unable to lift his arms overhead without pain and he lost the ability to perform his physical therapy exercises.

YD went in search of a cure and discovered Prolotherapy using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Although he was from out of state, he wanted to travel to receive care from an experienced Prolotherapy doctor who treated alot of athletes. Prolotherapy with PRP involves the use of one’s own growth factors, taken by a simple blood draw and centrifuged to extract the concentrated plasma. Injecting these growth factors into the affected joint stimulates recovery in non-healing injuries. YD was ready to heal his elbows and shoulder and he was confident in Prolotherapy using PRP as the proliferant.

Bilateral Elbow Tendonitis: Patient’s own growth factors used in the Prolotherapy solution (PRP)

When YD came to Caring Medical for a physical examination, Dr. Hauser noted tenderness in various areas in the elbows and shoulder. YD presented with a diagnosis of tendonitis, but in reality, he had tendinosis or degeneration, along with shoulder joint instability. Dr. Hauser decided to use a standard Prolotherapy solution in addition to PRP injections to all three areas of pain. YD received 32 standard injections to each elbow and 30 injections to his shoulder. He also had a total of 11cc of PRP injected to his elbows and shoulder. The result was a strong inflammation that put YD on the path to healing because he used PRP as well as the Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy to inject the surrounding areas and stabilize the joint. Dr. Hauser prescribed a supplement regime for YD to follow and instructed him to engage in activity, but no heavy lifting or gripping.

Dr. Hauser wanted YD to move his joints to encourage blood flow and maximum healing. One month later YD contacted our office to cancel his appointment. He reported a 100% decrease in pain in his shoulder. His elbows were close to 100% pain-free, having decreased from a level 10/10-pain level to 2/10. He was able to return to weight lifting and all exercise activity. The average number of Prolotherapy treatments needed is typically three to six.

In YD’s case, he was pleased with the results from one PRP treatment and knows that any future sports or work-related injury can be healed with Prolotherapy.

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