Prolotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy | Dextrose stimulates stem cell growth

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Update 11/29/17 One of the goals of stem cell therapy treatment is to repair and regrow articular cartilage. Of obvious interest to doctors and researchers is how to make stem cells more viable and more effective once in the diseased joint environment. The answer maybe glucose and dextrose, dextrose is the main ingredient in traditional Prolotherapy. […]

Arthroscopic surgery and stem cells – the best of both worlds?

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The healing potential of stem cells are so exciting that surgeons believe that it can make arthroscopic surgery much more successful. Here is an editorial – The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery a publication of the Arthroscopy Association of North America. “we are believers in stem cell therapy” and “stem cells have substantial potential […]

Type 2 diabetes in osteoarthritis joint healing

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Doctors working with nutrition and metabolism are among those researchers who are bringing attention to osteoarthritis as a whole joint disease. This includes the impact of Type 2 diabetes in osteoarthritis joint healing. Here are highlights of recent research from Researchers at Sorbonne University in Paris writing in Diabetes research and clinical practice. In this research the role […]

Stimulating bone growth and repair | Prolotherapy PRP and stem cell treatments

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In this article we will examine the medical research concerning the effectiveness of stem cell therapy, Prolotherapy, and platelet rich plasma therapy in stimulating bone growth and repair in osteoarthritic joints. Inflammation is regenerative medicine for subchondral bone Research from doctors in China appears in the June 2017 edition of the medical journal Osteoarthritis and cartilage.It […]