The different types of injections for ankle osteoarthritis pain

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Ross A. Hauser, MD., Danielle R. Steilen-Matias, MMS, PA-C. The evidence for Non-surgical treatments for Ankle Osteoarthritis In this article, we will make the connection from ankle ligament instability to ankle osteoarthritis, to the need for ankle fusion or ankle replacement surgery. We will also present research on regenerative medicine injections as an alternative to this […]

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Spinal fusion surgery complications and treatment options

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Recent research in the medical journal Spine suggests that patients who have a case review by a team of spinal pain specialists will likely not get a spinal fusion surgery. In the study the researchers representing Virginia Mason Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the  University of Washington implemented a multidisciplinary conference involving physiatrists, anesthesiologists, pain […]

Stem cells and degenerative arthritis

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This articles presents research on stem cell treatments to help problems of knee osteoarthritis. In this research doctors from leading medical universities and research centers discuss the various types of stem cells. POINT: General comments on comparisons between adipose, bone marrow, and other sources of stem cells in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Recent research […]

Prolotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy | Dextrose stimulates stem cell growth

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Update 11/29/17 One of the goals of stem cell therapy treatment is to repair and regrow articular cartilage. Of obvious interest to doctors and researchers is how to make stem cells more viable and more effective once in the diseased joint environment. The answer maybe glucose and dextrose, dextrose is the main ingredient in traditional Prolotherapy. […]