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Dr. Timothy Callaghan MD, Prolotherapy doctor Cordova Tennesee and Tunica Resorts, Missouri

Degree(s):: BS Industrial Relations Ithaca College 1978; Doctor of Chiropractic Life University 1984; Doctor of Medicine Saba University School of Medicine 2000;Residency in Family Medicine University of Tennessee 2003

Board Certifications:: Family Medicine 2013; American Academy of Environmental Medicine board eligible

Membership in Professional Societies:: American Academy of Family Physicians-since 2003;Hackett-Hemwall Foundation-since 2012;International Lyme and Associated Disease Society since 2007

I have found that prolotherapy has provided incredible relief to the chronic pain of my patients when drugs, physical therapy, surgery and even chiropractic which I loved has failed. I have found that if the ligaments are weak and not supportive that they will continue to generate pain and soreness that can only be corrected by “tightening” the ligaments.

Prolotherapy is the only technique I have found that will address the deep underlying problem that results a person continuing to experience chronic pain. I see each year I return from prolotherapy trips to Honduras that this simple, safe and elegant treatment can dramatically improve the pain and the quality of life in 80% of patients for whom there was no other hope offered.

I try to look at each patient to see what they need to get better.I am trained in Integrative and Functional Medicine,Environmental Medicine, Lyme Disease, Autism, Acupuncture, chiropractic,neural therapy and prolotherapy. I start at correcting the foundation with the feet, then structure with chiropractic and strengthen and balance the muscles with rehab, then address then damaged pain generating ligaments with prolotherapy that “welds” them back on firmly reducing the pain and the need for the chronic muscle spasm. I often will use acupuncture and trigger point injections as well orthotics and cranial adjustments



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