Prolotherapy for Thumb Pain

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Thumb osteoarthritis caused by joint instability is due to ligaments that are weakened or damaged by overuse or by a traumatic injury.1 In this article we will discuss the treatment options in treating basal joint instability of the thumb. Thumb arthritis often involves inflammation of the basal joint, which is the joint that allows the thumb […]

Prolotherapy chiropractic guidelines

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Ross Hauser, MD In this article Ross Hauser, MD explains Prolotherapy chiropractic guidelines for back and neck pain. Cervical radiculopathy, though a serious and disabling painful condition, can often be treated conservatively. At times, Prolotherapy, nerve blocks, chiropractic, osteopathy or physical therapy alone can resolve the condition, sometimes a combination of approaches will be needed. While […]

Baker’s Cyst Treatment

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Ross Hauser, MD A cyst is a fluid filled sac in any location of the body. One of the more common areas where cysts occur is the back of the knee. These cysts are called popliteal cysts or Baker’s cysts. Typically, damage within the knee causes swelling and the fluid is pumped from the knee […]