MRI for chronic knee pain is it needed?

Marc Darrow, MDMarc Darrow, MD

MRI for chronic knee pain

We had a 55 year old female patient come in, she had bilateral knee pain for about a year. She is a very active person, an avid skier who raced during the winter season. Not wanting her knee pain to end her active lifestyle, she first tried to rehabilitate her knees with physical therapy, but without result. She had X-rays of the knees which failed to show a problem and was going to be recommended to MRI, but she came to our office first, where we do not rely soley on an MRI to determine knee pain.

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Video: Prolotherapy for Meniscus Injuries

Torn meniscus injuries repair very well with Prolotherapy, as an alternative to surgery. Ross Hauser, MD is the Medical Director of Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services. The knee is the number one area treated at Caring Medical, and many of those are patients suffering from continued pain after they have undergone surgery for a torn meniscus, as well as those wanting to avoid meniscectomy in the first place.