Rodney Van Pelt, MD

Rodney Van Pelt, MD
Orthopedic Wellness Center
311 Luce Ave
Ukiah, CA  95482
707.463.1782Orthopedic Wellness Center – Auburn
operating at Greenlee Chiropractic
3720 Grass Valley Hwy
Auburn, CA  95602

Rodney Van Pelt, MD Prolotherapy doctor in and near Ukiah and Auburn, California

Dr. Van Pelt has written for the Journal of Prolotherapy including these articles:

Rodney Van Pelt, M.D., is the consummate Orthopedic Medicine Specialist. He received his medical degree from Loma Linda University Medical School and completed his family practice residency in Florida. He practiced family medicine for several years until falling in love with the specialty of Orthopedic Medicine.

This field of medicine uses all the different modalities of pain management including manipulation, massage, medications, exercises, and, of course, Prolotherapy to cure chronic pain. Orthopedic Medicine heals pain with conservative treatments, whereas Orthopedic Surgery uses surgery to “help” chronic pain. The two fields should not be confused. Dr. Van Pelt then received specialized training in the Cyriax technique of Orthopedic Medicine, taking some of his training in Oxford, England.

He is one of the few American physicians who is a member of the Society of Orthopedic Medicine of London, England.

Dr. Van Pelt met Ross and Marion Hauser on the mission field in La Cieba, Honduras, in 1993, and they have been doing missionary work together ever since that time. Dr. Van Pelt is one of the volunteer physicians who regularly serves at Beulah Land Natural Medicine Clinic in southern Illinois. He has not missed a clinic since he started with us in 1996. He now serves on the board of directors of that organization. He is one of the kindest and most talented young doctors in medicine. He is considered one of the finest Prolotherapy physicians in the country. He is the father of three children and husband of Kim, who also regularly volunteers at Beulah Land Natural Medicine Clinic. Besides all of the above, Dr. Van Pelt does a mighty fine Monty Python impersonation.