Physical Therapy and Prolotherapy

Ross Hauser, MDRoss Hauser, MD

Is physical therapy or massage going to help?

Physical therapy is the major component of the orthopedist’s “conservative” approach to low back patients. The Caring Medical experience is that the results are often disappointing in chronic back pain patients.

Many acute back injuries get better by themselves. Many of these patients do take some PT, whether formally at a Physical therapy facility, or more haphazardly at a chiropractor’s office, but it’s difficult to tell whether the results are any better or faster than they would be without the PT. Cases in which there is muscle weakness should have a prescribed regular program of strengthening exercises.

Prolotherapy accelerates the alleviation of pain far beyond anything that the best physical therapy could ever achieve. It does so because it is working to correct the source of the problem. Massage can make people feel better, and it does not interfere with Prolotherapy results as adjustments may do. But it works on muscles that are tightening in response to the ligament pathology underneath, so you should expect the results to be only temporary.

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