Paul S. Lieber, MD

Paul S. Lieber, MD
Rehabilitation and Pain Specialists
Gamma Medical Center
107 Gamma Dr, Suite 220
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: 412.963.6480
Fax: 412.963.6820

Prolotherapy doctor in Pittsburgh

Dr. Lieber is a native of Pittsburgh who has dedicated his medical career to treating individuals who are experiencing pain, but specializes in the treatment of spinal axis pain. The results of his medical evaluation include the identification of a specific pain generator and treatment recommendations for how it can effectively be treated. He is a highly skilled interventional physiatrist who understands the complexity of this patient population and strives to address the physiologic, psychosocial and emotional components of painful conditions in order the meet the primary goals of functional restoration and pain reduction.

Dr. Lieber, a clinical assistant professor in the department of Physical Medicine and Rehab at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, has trained pain fellow, residents and medical students in approaches to pain treatment. Since 1995, he has performed over 5,000 procedures. He continually strives to improve his knowledge base and his technical skills in the complex arena as evidenced by his advanced training in procedures such as epidural injections, facet and sacroiliac joint injections, nerve blocks and radiofrequency denervation procedures, sympathetic nerve blocks, provocative discography, intradiscal therapies and spinal cord stimulator trials.