Marc Darrow, MD

Marc Darrow, MD
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Marc Darrow, M.D.,J.D., Prolotherapy doctor in and near Los Angeles and West Los Angeles California

Dr. Marc Darrow is a Board Certified Physiatrist specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

An avid sports enthusiast, Dr. Darrow discovered Prolotherapy after an injury on the golf course caused him to suffer the kind of chronic pain that afflicts millions of Americans.

A skeptic, Dr. Darrow became a believer in the therapeutic healing power of Prolotherapy after only one treatment to his wrist. Since then he has has devoted his practice to Prolotherapy, an exponentially growing, natural therapy that is revolutionizing the way we heal pain. Dr. Darrow has treated thousands of patients. Many of these patients were scheduled for surgery and never needed it. And, several patients came to Dr. Darrow after a failed surgery and healed using Prolotherapy.

In addition to practicing medicine Dr. Darrow still finds time to write books and articles, has appeared on several TV shows, and has his own weekly radio show from 1-2 PM on KRLA, and is the author of Prolotherapy: Living Pain Free.


  • Northwestern University, BA, Psychology
  • Golden Gate University College of Law, JD
  • University of Southern California, MBT
  • University of Hawaii John Burns School of Medicine, MD