Jonathan Birch, ND

Jonathan Birch, ND
Purety Family Medical Clinic
200 N La Cumbre Rd, Suite F
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: 805.500.8300

Jonathan Birch, NMD, Prolotherapy doctor in and near Santa Barbara, California.

Dr. Jonathan Birch is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a strong focus in joint regeneration and pain reversal using prolozone, stem cell injections, and PRP, as well as treating chronic disease.

Dr Jonathan Birch practices on a full time basis alongside his talented wife Dr Dena Birch who uses the same wonderful therapies.  To treat chronic pain and osteoarthritis, they practice what they call Comprehensive Prolozone dextrose Prolotherapy.  This involves providing multiple minimal pain injections in order to treat the entire area that is causing the pain.  It also involves adjusting the prolotherapy injection solution to fit the patient’s individual needs. Dr. Birch will use different solutions for the injections based on the severity of the condition, the type of condition, and the patient’s symptoms and goals. Sometimes this involves using the basic prolozone solution, but other times it means adjusting the solution to make it stronger by using Stem Cell Therapy.

Chronic pain is caused by poor circulation and poor oxygen utilization, leading to increased localized acidosis and free radical production.  Ligaments and joints already have poor circulation, and aging further decreases oxygen utilization.  When trauma occurs, there is localized edema, inflammation, and depolarized cell membranes causing a further localized decrease in circulation.  In order to cure chronic pain, you need to break the cycle of injury by improving oxygen utilization, stimulating increased circulation, and delivering mitochondrial nutrients.  Prolozone treatments cover all of these components, which makes it so successful.

For joint regeneration, Dr Birch uses healing amniotic cells with stem cell regenerative therapy.  These are FDA approved stem cells, which have the capacity to turn into the very type of tissue they come in contact with.  These stem cell injections are quick and painless.  Stem cell injections combined with Prolotherapy will form living tissue that can be just as strong or stronger than the original damaged tissue(s).  Using both Prolozone Prolotherapy and Stem Cells often provides for complete healing and a permanent end to pain.

With Dr Birch you will receive a Holistic Naturopathic Approach: Not only does Dr. Birch use a comprehensive approach to treat the injured body part(s) with prolozone using customized and individualized solutions, he also assesses the patients’ overall health, provides a comprehensive rehabilitation program, assesses the patients’ ability to heal which includes proper diet and appropriate hormone levels, as well as addressing other lifestyle issues that may affect healing.

An avid sports enthusiast, Dr. Birch discovered Prolotherapy and medical ozone after an injury on the baseball field that caused him to suffer the kind of chronic pain that afflicts millions of Americans.

A skeptic, Dr. Birch became a believer in the therapeutic healing power of prolozone after only one treatment to his shoulder. Since then he has has devoted much of his practice to prolozone, an exponentially growing, natural therapy that is revolutionizing the way we heal pain. Thousands of patients have been treated using prolozone – many of these patients are scheduled for surgery and never need it, and many have success even after a failed surgery.


Pamela E.

My first visit to Purety Family Medical Clinic was a pleasant surprise and a huge relief. I had been going to a different practitioner for prolotherapy, and the treatments were very painful. The treatment at Purety was only mildly uncomfortable. What is also surprising is that I am still experiencing significant relief 6 days after the treatment. I think this is a function of administering ozone (along with the traditional substance) , which accelerates new tissue growth. There is about an 80% reduction in the acute spasms I was having. I may need only one or two additional treatments, and I will definitely be going back to this clinic. They treat you with respect, explain everything clearly, and take special care to keep the treatment as pain-free as possible.

Robert K.

I am a board certified, Mayo trained, rheumatologist. I was treated by Jonathan for osteoarthritis of the knee using ozone injections. Not only were the injections painless but the results have been excellent. I watched his injection technique carefully and he uses sterile techniques and he also uses a laminar flow hood to draw up the solutions which is not something I have seen done in other medical offices and is an indicator of the high quality standards used at this office to insure the safety of the patient. Thanks for being here and doing great work! I plan to refer many patients to you!

Amy T.

I had very badly strained Achilles’ tendons and two friends recommended Prolozone injection therapy with this doctor. When I arrived at the office I was greeted by both doctors, who were interested in getting to know me and me getting to know them. The office is lovely and was set up using materials that are good for patients and the environment. I was a little skeptical of the treatment making a big difference, as I had tried other treatments that did nothing to relieve the pain or condition. About 10 days after the injections, my Achilles’ were 80-90% improved. Dr. Jonathan was extremely careful, took plenty of time to explain the process and was kind and caring. I just had a second treatment and fully expect I will be 100% within a week or two. I enthusiastically recommend these doctors.

Michele B.

I was having a lot of pain on the fatty area of my right thumb to the point where I couldn’t even rub it without severe discomfort.  After having just 2 prolotherapy injections I am 100% free of pain!  This therapy works wonders.  Thank you so much Dr. Birch!