JoAnna Forwell, ND

JoAnna Forwell, ND
1836 Westlake Ave. N., Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206.729.6100

Dr Forwell has been using some form of regenerative injection therapy (be that neural therapy, prolotherapy or PRP among others) in her practice for well over 20 years; since her graduation from Bastyr University in Seattle in ’92.

As such, she has been at it longer than any other practitioner in Washington state, and is counted among some of the first female physicians in the country to offer proliferant therapy in it’s modern iteration, to her patients.

She was one of the founding instructors of NATI (the Naturopathic Academy of Therapeutic Injection), an educational group that has trained scores of doctors in the US & Canada.

She is a member of and has achieved Diplomate status with the AAPM (American Academy of Pain Management).

She also belongs to the AAOM (American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine) & the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) and is an Executive on the board of her state association, the WANP (Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians).

As a naturopathic physician, Dr Forwell approaches the body as a composite whole, seeking to address & enhance the various factors that contribute to a patient’s health & well being. She counsels her patients on diet, lifestyle and exercise and may recommend specific nutrient supplements appropriate to the condition.

The principles of prolotherapeutics align beautifully with the philosophical roots of naturopathic medicine. Instead of masking the pain with narcotics, steroids or anti-inflammatories, or worse: succumbing to the surgical knife, proliferant therapies address the root cause of the problem. Relief is acheived and normal function is restored because the injury is healed. Dr Forwell brings a gentle touch to her work, ensuring patient comfort and ease. She is very deft with the needle and takes great care in optimizing the patient experience. She finds this work to be richly rewarding in being able to help so many regain function and achieve relief from pain & injury.