Hip Osteoarthritis

Ross Hauser, MDRoss Hauser, MD

Prolotherapy is a great option for the athlete who wishes to quickly heal an injury and return to the sport that they love. Larry was one such athlete who we treated last summer from a far north suburb of Chicago. He had been practicing martial arts and bodybuilding for years until he hit age 54. It was then that he experienced a hip injury that took him out of martial arts.

Now, two years later he was desperate to get back to his active lifestyle. Not only did chronic pain keep him from martial arts, it also interfered with his daily activities and his sleep. Despite a few years of PUSH therapy his pain remained. When he visited an orthopedist he was diagnosed with osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis of the hip. Unfortunately, Larry was not given any positive-sounding options from these specialists he’d seen.

Determined to heal his injury Larry found Caring Medical on the internet and came to see us for Prolotherapy. When Dr. Hauser examined Larry’s hip he agreed that there was significant cartilage missing. He told Larry that the average number of treatments is three to six, but this particular injury could possibly need six to 12 treatments in the cases of more severe osteoarthritis. Dr. Hauser proceeded with the first treatment and gave instructions on a supplement regimen and specific exercises Larry could do to speed his healing and start building up his activity level again.

When Larry called to cancel his second appointment, we asked him how his hip was feeling. He told us he was amazed that he was 100% pain free for the first time in two years. We were happy for Larry but we told him that he might need a few more treatments. Three months later, however, Larry was still pain free and had returned to martial arts. Six months later he was fully back to his former activity level and was spreading the word about Prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy acts as a stimulant to a person’s immune system that allows the body to heal itself. In Larry’s case, only one treatment was needed to give him hip pain relief and get him back into his sport. As with Larry, and any athlete patient, we provide detailed exercise suggestions to keep a person active in a way that will promote healing and improve range of motion to the injured joint.

Are you still searching for a better answer to hip arthritis that is not responding to standard treatments? We believe that Prolotherapy is a great hip osteoarthritis treatment option.

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