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Hanson Wong, MD
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Hanson Wong, MD Prolotherapy doctor in and near Bellflower and Placentia, California


Modern Medicine’s Leading Health Professionals of the World- 2006”  and “Top 100 Health Professional of the World” by The International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England.

2006 National Physician Leadership Award
by The National Republican Committee.

No Surgery! No Drugs! No Steroids! No Side Effects!

Over 45,000 chronic pain patients treated with Regenerative/Reconstructive prolotherapy, neural therapy, oxygen/ozone therapy, mesotherapy, papimi therapy!

Regenerative/Reconcontructive therapy combines Prolotherapy, Neural therapy, Oxygen/Ozone therapy, Mesotheapy, PAPAMI therapy, all given in the same session by Dr Wong for improved synergistic multiplied effects.

Magnify the results now! Accelerate the pain relief!!! Get the best treatments learned from France, Germany, Italy and Greece only at Grace Life Medical Center simultaneously.

These are the most technologically advance and exciting treatments performed in other parts of the world.

Receive free at the same visit Pulse Nuclear Magnetic Therapy through the “Papimi” magnetic ion machine!

Receive free treatments (When necessary) with “Mesotherapy” and “Neural Therapy” through the use of Homotoxicological ingredients injected with local anesthetics regionally and into acupuncture points, auricular points before prolotherapy is done!!

Receive free oxygen/ozone therapy along with prolotherapy, particularly good for knee, hip and shoulder joints, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other arthritis.

Receive the most advance alternative pain therapies in the world, all in one setting!!!!

Turbo Boost your healing by increasing oxygen and electromagnetic energy to the painful tissues, receive immediate relief of pain with mesotherapy, acupunture and auricular point injections and neural therapy.

Dr. Hanson Wong graduated from California State University Fullerton in 1983 and was elected the “Most Outstanding Graduating Senior” out of a class of 5,000 students. He was also chosen as the “Most Outstanding Student Majoring in Biological Sciences” and received full scholarships to attend UCLA School of Medicine. Upon graduating from UCLA Medical School in 1987, Dr. Wong completed specialty training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles County Hospital. Dr. Wong further completed six post-graduate programs and received Diplomat Board Certifications and Diplomat status. Dr. Wong was a student at Talbot Theological Seminary- Biola University, Andersonville Baptist Seminary, Trinity College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Christian Bible College.

  • Diplomat – American Academy of Pain Management
  • Diplomat – American Board of Internal Medicine – UCLA, USC
  • Diplomat – American Board of Pediatrics – UCLA, USC
  • Diplomat – Academy of Affiliated Medical Arts
  • Certified in Acupuncture & Electro-medicine
  • Diplomat – Clinical Electrical Research Academy
  • Fellow – American Academy of Integrative Medicine
  • Fellow – American College of Geriatrics Specialists
  • Master – Health Policy Advisory Committee and Board of Regents, American Board of Geriatrics
  • Member – American Association of Orthopedic Medicine
  • Member – American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians

Dr. Wong also holds four Doctorates including:

  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Doctor of Theology in Biblical Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies

Dr. Wong is also a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Master Herbalist with on site supplements available for patients.

He is a Member of the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultant, Director of Missions – Friends of Grace International.

Grace Life Medical Center is a most unique place of healing; the latest and most advance treatments from around the world are all gathered in one place, thus combining the best medical arts from the East and West.

Dr. Hanson Wong has done extensive research and learning in naturopathic, homeopathic and allopathic medical treatments. Over thirty thousand patients have gone through the Regenerative/Reconstructive program for relief of chronic pain and suffering.

Neural Therapy, Homotoxicological therapy from Germany, Oxygen and Ozone Therapy from Italy, Mesotherapy from France, Magnetic Ion Therapy from Greece, Acupuncture and Auricular Therapy from China, Bee Venom Therapy dating back as far as Old Egyptian and Chinese Empires, combining with inventions from America like Prolotherapy, Botolinum Toxin Therapy, Microcurrent and Macro current Electroceutical Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Infrared Light Therapy, Dr. Wong truly enjoys his work by employing all these treatments and has many ways to solve very difficult problems. Even a very strong lock can be opened with the right key, and by having so many modalities, Grace Life Medical Center is like a Swiss Army knife, and one can expect wonderful results.

From Fatigue to Fantastic, from Fibromyalgia to Fast Runner, from Chronic Pain and Disability to Active Citizens, the day time drama goes on regularly and daily at Grace Life Medical Center!

Dr. Wong has been in clinical practice since 1991, he has traveled the world to places like Brazil, Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam holding free Pain Clinics and Medical Seminars. The experience gathered can be invaluable to patients suffering from chronic medical illness that conventional medicine has no answer.

Come experience the best natural treatments that the world can offer!