Failed Back Surgery Syndrome treated with Prolotherapy

Many Prolotherapy doctors have written articles on how they would treat a patient who suffered from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

Here is a summary of their articles and how to access them.

Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) treatment options

Dr. Hauser explains treatment options in patients with failed back surgery syndrome. In his article Dr. Hauser covers possible reasons why back surgery did not achieve its treatment goal.

Article highlights:

  • Doctors should not recommend surgery if patients exhibit no pain despite positive MRI finding

  • There are options including stem cell therapy, PRP treatments, and Prolotherapy.

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In another article, researchers look into the disastrous results of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome and make recommendations for patient care after the failed back surgery.

Health and Wellness Magazine also covers failed back surgery syndrome in an article featuring Prolotherapy as a possible treatment for FBSS