Don’t Prevent Prolotherapy From Working!

Marc Darrow, MDMarc Darrow, MD

Dr. Darrow: There are two main reasons Prolotherapy fails for people. They are over exercising a painful area that is already painful from injury and some of the people in this town of Los Angeles cannot stand to not work a certain area, we teach them how to cross-train to keep them occupied so they feel good. But many people that come to our clinic are what I call “exerciseholics” and if they cut back from two hours to one hour that is a real sacrifice.

And the other thing people take anti-inflammatory medication without even knowing that they are doing it, I had one patient, I said initially, “Are you sure that you are not taking anti-inflammatory medications while we are doing Prolotherapy? Because we need to start the Inflammation in order to get you healed because that is the way the body works and we need that inflammation to get a new blood supply to that area…If someone is not getting better very quickly I usually ask them what are they doing to block the healing, “Nothing, I am doing everything that you told me,” (they answer) I ask them if they are taking ibuprofen, they say “only for headaches,” and I ask them how often they get the headaches, and they say “I get headaches everyday,” those are the kind of situations that come up, I try to keep people off of anti-inflammatories as much as possible, aspirin etc, unless they have a cardiac situation where they need a little aspirin.

Smoking and Prolotherapy

There are many studies on smoking and musculoskeletal pain-they all show the same thing. Healing does not occur very well when someone smokes tobacco.

Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and oxygen flow needed in these painful areas. Healing takes place because of oxygen as it is one of the many nutrients that the tissue needs to heal.

I have had miraculous results with people with chronic pain who only did one thing, they stopped smoking.

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