Are you a good prolotherapy candidate

Ross Hauser, MDRoss Hauser, MD

Pain simply put is just the body’s response telling you that you have some tissue that is breaking down. The same thing happens to an athlete who is in the heat of competition. When the muscles start hurting, it is just a sign that you are working really hard. It also reveals that tissue is breaking down, which is especially important to those who are athletes. The goal of Prolotherapy is to build the tissue back up.

Here are 10 tips to know that you are a good Prolotherapy candidate:

  1. My pain is from a ligament or tendon injury.
  2. My pain is from degenerative arthritis and I have maintained good range of motion (greater than 75% of normal).
  3. I take only a little or no pain medication for my pain.
  4. Beside the pain, I am healthy.
  5. I have clicking in the joint that is hurting.
  6. Certain activities increase the pain.
  7. Muscle spasms are definitely part of my pain.
  8. My pain is better with rest.
  9. My MRI/x-rays did not show anything.
  10. My sensation is normal (I can feel everything).

While the above 10 tips are not guarantees that Prolotherapy is going to cure you of your pain, remember that cure is the goal. Prolotherapy candidates often possess many, if not all, of the above 10 criterion.

Not possessing all 10 criterion, does not exclude you from being a good Prolotherapy candidate. For the person with poor range of motion (less than 75% of normal) or an abnormal MRI, it may be that Prolotherapy is still a great treatment. In those situations, we recommend you make an appointment with a Prolotherapy doctor for an evaluation.

We do Prolotherapy because it works. It makes sense that the body heals by the process of Inflammation. Prolotherapy stimulates the body to repair those painful injured areas. It does not shut that down. If you have a pain or injury that you would like evaluated, please make an appointment today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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