Keeping the aging athlete in their sport

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Aging, or commonly referred to as “Masters” athletes are able to continue participating in sports because they have good mobility and it is pain-free mobility. Once mobility declines, once pain prevents participation, the aging athlete is faced with the reality of giving up their sport or getting medical treatment. If you are a maturing athlete and you […]

Platelet rich plasma injections for meniscus tears

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Patients will contact Prolotherapists’ offices  with questions about their meniscus injury and ask what type of  recommendations are available for treatment. The patient may already have an MRI showing a meniscus tear, a recommendation for arthroscopic meniscus surgery, or a history of physical therapy and other conservative care treatments including anti-inflammatories and/or a recommendation from a surgeon that […]

Minimally invasive spinal surgery

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In this article surgeons discuss pros and cons of  minimally invasive spinal surgery versus traditional open surgery. The article concludes with a discussion of non-surgical regenerative medicine procedures versus surgery. Researchers at New York University Langone Medical Center warn about the growth and popularity of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedures. They say that the procedures are […]

Prolotherapy for lumbar radiculopathy

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The best conventional medicine has to offer for lumbar disc herniation and associated lumbar radiculopathy are surgeries that do not work that well Let’s look at research from August 2017 appearing in the British journal of neurosurgery: “Though different techniques have been successfully employed in the treatment of recurrent lumbar disc herniation, the one which should […]

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction non-surgical treatment options

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The diagnosis of Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and/or Sacroiliac joint (SI) pain is difficult. There is no consensus in the medical community based on recent research that can quantify the amount of pain sacroiliac joint dysfunction causes or the determination if that pain is in fact coming from the sacroiliac joint. If this sounds confusing listen to what researchers have to say: […]