Prolotherapy to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament

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Do you need an ACL to play recreational sports? Ross Hauser, MD A paper published in December 2017 by Turkish physicians in the journal Acta orthopaedica et traumatologica turcica weighed in on the ACL surgery or not debate. “Whether surgical or conservative treatment is more effective in allowing patients to return to physical activity after […]

Patients with migraines and chronic headache have a cervical neck instability problem

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This article will concentrate on the role of the cervical ligaments and treatments that include Prolotherapy for stabilizing the neck and possibly providing a cure for chronic headaches. Headache researchers are understanding that patients with migraines and chronic headache have a neck pain/instability problem. Let’s look at five recent research studies. Researchers representing Lund University in Sweden […]

Hormone replacement therapy and joint disease

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In this article we discuss the use of estrogen and testosterone for their roles in accelerating joint repair and  healing. Prolotherapy doctors have long recognized that hormones are a required part of injury and wound healing. New research supports the use of hormones in chronic pain patients. Hormones drive the immune system and help repair damaged joints. […]

Surgical and non-surgical options for herniated disc treatment

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A person with a degenerated, bulging, or herniated disc must realize that this may be a coincidental finding and unrelated to the actual pain he or she is experiencing. A degenerated disc is one that is losing water and flattening. This is a usual phenomenon that occurs with age. It is also normal for a […]