Shoulder Pain Injections

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Marc Darrow, MD When one thinks injections into the shoulder, steroid injections come to mind because they may achieve good short and medium-term benefits in many patients with varying types of chronic shoulder pain. However, most patients, if given the choice would opt for a more permanent solution and that choice is not clearly definined […]

Peripheral nerve pain treatment

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Howard Rosen, MD In this article, Howard Rosen MD, explains Prolotherapy as a Peripheral nerve pain treatment. The peripheral nervous system is located subcutaneously. It is not widely known today but painful peripheral nerves are probably the most common source of chronic pain. The peripheral nerve system has been used for thousands of years to produce […]

Tilted pelvis lower back pain

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Scott R. Greenberg, MD As you know, most people in this country will suffer with back pain at some time in their life. In many cases, the pain will resolve on its own in a week or so. But for others, the pain becomes chronic and a life-long journey may take place to alleviate that […]