Prolotherapy Ankle Pain Treatments

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An ankle sprain is a common injury where one or more ligaments of the ankle become overstretched or torn, typically due to the ankle suddenly turning out. Once an ankle ligament is overstretched, the susceptibility to chronic ankle sprains becomes higher. Ligaments are taut tissues holding the ankle joint together and providing for smooth steps […]

Back pain radiating to the leg

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Scott R. Greenberg, MD Many of us who have had back pain will also feel the pain radiating down the leg, into the hip, and into the buttock. It takes a great degree of skill, experience, and knowledge to determine what the appropriate treatment is for a patient with these symptoms. We cannot just rely […]

Understanding Back Pain

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Marc Darrow, MD There are many structures in the lower back that can cause severe pain. These include muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, joints and discs. For example, the outer rim of the disc can be a significant source of back pain due to its rich nerve supply and tendency toward injury. During our body’s development, […]

Knee Pain and the pes anserinus tendons

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Ross Hauser, MD A common cause of knee pain is not ligament injury. (We realize that this is shocking, since we have been explaining in past newsletters that ligaments are normally the cause of chronic pain.) The most common cause of chronic knee pain (see Prolotherapy research paper) is weakness in the pes anserinus tendons. […]