Stem cells and degenerative arthritis

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This articles presents research on stem cell treatments to help problems of knee osteoarthritis. In this research doctors from leading medical universities and research centers discuss the various types of stem cells. POINT: General comments on comparisons between adipose, bone marrow, and other sources of stem cells in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Recent research […]

Knee Osteoarthritis and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Injections

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The effectiveness of Platelet rich Plasma injections for knee osteoarthritis  has been made clear by mounting evidence from independent medical researchers. Here we will briefly touch on two new studies from Chinese researchers and that from Thailand that have now been added to the mounting evidence. These studies show PRP injections to be more effective […]

Knee Osteoarthritis | Research on cortisone, hyaluronic acid, stem cell therapy, PRP, and Prolotherapy

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Research makes direct comparisons of Hyaluronic Acid Injections to alternatives which include stem cell therapy, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, and Prolotherapy. On study claims Hyaluronic Acid Injections may cause accelerated knee degeneration. A paper from doctors at the Rostock Medical University in Germany sums up the efforts of doctors offering traditional medical care and concerns about hyaluronic acid injections: […]

Type 2 diabetes in osteoarthritis joint healing

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Doctors working with nutrition and metabolism are among those researchers who are bringing attention to osteoarthritis as a whole joint disease. This includes the impact of Type 2 diabetes in osteoarthritis joint healing. Here are highlights of recent research from Researchers at Sorbonne University in Paris writing in Diabetes research and clinical practice. In this research the role […]

Metabolic syndrome and osteoarthritis

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Metabolic Syndrome is a precursor to diabetes, heart disease, and it could make healing more challenging. Metabolic Syndrome is categorized by a group of medical conditions that have in common increased levels of insulin production. This is primarily due to excessive carbohydrate intake and overeating. Some of the conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome include: High blood pressure, […]