Lumbar spinal stenosis surgery alternatives

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Surgeons from the Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University wrote of the problem of correctly classifying patients with lumbar stenosis for the purpose of increasing effectiveness of treatments. According to the researchers: 9% of patients suffer from lumbar stenosis, it most commonly effects patients in their 50s-70s. Patients often have pain, cramping, and weakness in their legs […]

Prolotherapy: An Alternative to Arthritis Surgery

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Ross Hauser, MD Many times, patients are getting surgery recommendations for degenerative conditions. The most common surgery is arthroscopy which in numerousd medical studies was found to be no more effective than placebo in regard to knee arthritis. There are still hundreds of thousands of joint replacements every year for Degenerative Joint Disease. There are […]

Spinal fusion surgery complications and treatment options

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New research in the medical journal Spine suggests that patients who have a case review by a team of spinal pain specialists will likely not get a spinal fusion surgery. In the study the researchers representing Virginia Mason Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the  University of Washington implemented a multidisciplinary conference involving physiatrists, anesthesiologists, pain […]

Alternative to the FAST Technique

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Danielle Steilen, MMS, PA-C There is a “new” technique spreading across orthopedic offices in the U.S. It is called the FAST Technique, short for fasciotomy and surgical tenotomy, aimed at tendon injuries such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and other tendon issues. It is minimally invasive in that an ultrasound is used to identify the […]

Prolotherapy patient information including general questions on Prolotherapy treatment

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Information on Prolotherapy including general questions on Prolotherapy treatments, side effects, research, reviews and medical studies Comprehensive Prolotherapy is considered by many to be a superior treatment in the management and healing of chronic pain and getting people back to a happy and active lifestyle. Chronic pain from joint instability involve strains and sprains to tendons and […]