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Below is a listing of doctors who practice Prolotherapy. Each page has contact information for that doctor’s office – please contact them directly for questions about your pain challenges. Doctors, if you would like to be listed in the directory, please visit the Referral Network Application.

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Prolotherapy Doctors in the United States

International Prolotherapy Doctors

Prolotherapy Doctors by Name Listing

Michael Adams, DO
Harry Adelson, ND
Donna Alderman, DO
Fred Arnold, NMD
Jason G. Attaman, DO
R. Dean Bair, DO, MBA
James E. Baum, DO
Joel A. Berenbeim, DO
Jonathan Birch, ND
Robb D. Bird, NMD
Peter J. Blakemore, DO
S. Blievernicht, MD, FACS
David Borenstein, MD
Thomas K. Bond, MD
Rick Buenaventura, MD
Christopher Calapai, DO
Timothy Callaghan, MD
Mark S. Cantieri, DO, FAAO
Christopher Centeno, MD
David Chang, ND
Patrick Chapman, ND
L. Terry Chappell, MD
Wellington Chen, MD
William J. Cimikoski Jr., MD
Gary B. Clark, MD
Jorge B. Cochran, ND, NMD
Joseph Cohn, MD
Michael Cronin, ND
Rafael Cruz, MD
Marc Darrow, MD
Joshua David, ND
Kevin Davison, ND
Edward Dieguez Jr, MD
A. Lopez del Castillo, MD
Dr. Hasan Doğan
Joshua Donaldson, ND
Jo Ann Douglas, MS, DO
Catherine Duncan, DO
Curtis Fandrich, DO
P. Flattery, DC, ND, DAAPM
JoAnna Forwell, ND
Jon Freckleton, DO
Doug Frye, MD
Brad Fullerton, MD
Jerald Gach, DO
Ronald Gardner, MD
Adam Geiger, ND
Ingrid Gheen, MD
Joanne Gordon, ND, MS, PT
Richard I. Gracer, MD
Scott R. Greenberg, MD
David Harris, MD
Theodore Harrison, MD
Mary Harrow, DO
Ross Hauser, MD
Justin Hoffman, NMD
David Hogg, ND
Kab S. Hong, MD, PC
Dinora Ingberman, MD
Mark Johnson, MD
Steven M. Johnson, DO
Marian E. Johnston, MD
Gary Kaplan, DO
Leonard Kaplan, DO
Mark Kelley, ND, LAc
Stephen Knight, ND
Carolyn G. Kochert, MD
Albert Kozar, MD
George H. Kramer, MD
Robert A. Krasnick, MD
Nelson Kraucak, MD
Andrew L. Kulik, DO
Shaun Lehmann, MD
Danielle Lewis, NMD
Yibing Li, MD
Larisa Likver, MD
Felix S. Linetsky, MD
Patrick Lovegrove, DO
Chiaoli Lu, ND, DAOM, LAc
John Macatee, DO
Edward Magaziner, MD
Charles Mahl, MD
Gary Matson, DO
Fawad Mian, MD
Edward McDonagh, DO
Ankur Mehta, DO
Steven Meier, MD
Anette Mnabhi, DO
S Mohammed, MD, PhD
John K. Monagle, NMD
Joseph P. Mullane, MD
Carl Osborn, DO
Nicolas Osuna, MD
George J. Pasquarello, DO
David Pawsat, DO
Perry M. Perretz, DO
Noel Peterson, ND
Thomas Peterson, MD
Neal Pollack, DO
Deborah Raehl, DO
Neil Raff, MD
Michele Raithel, ND
Anwer Rasheed, MD
Stephen Rath, MD
K. Dean Reeves, MD
H.G. Robinson, MD
S. Todd Robinson, MD
Howard Rosen, MD
H.G. Robinson, MD
Brian Shiple, DO
John R. Schultz, MD
Robert Schulman MD
G. Megan Shields, MD
Clive Sinoff, MD
J.R. Skardis, DOM, DAAPM
Allan Sosin, MD
Tim Speciale, DO
Steven Stavrou, DOM
D Steilen-Matias MMS, PA-C
Alvin Stein, MD, FACS
Jacqueline M. Stoken, DO
David Tallman, DC, NMD
E. Glynn Taunton, DO
David E.Teitelbaum, DO
Allen Thomashefsky, MD
John Thompson, DO
Paul Tortland, DO
Diana Trister, DO
Jon Trister, MD
Gloria Tucker, MD
T. Croake-Uleman, MD
Rodney Van Pelt, MD
Juan Vargas, MD
David Wang, DO
Jake Wardwell, DO
Mark V. Walter, MD
Adam Weglein, DO
Arnold Weil, MD
Shirley J. Welden, MD
Mark T. Wheaton, MD
Kevin Wilson, ND
Kevin Wingert, MD
Elizabeth Woolford, MD
Hanson Wong, MD
Annette Zaharoff, MD